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Thor Angelo

Thor Angelo

Thor Angelo is the CEO of OrderYOYO, a company aiming to disrupt the food take away scene.

Thor is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has tremendous experience in the world of startups. Before his current adventure with OrderYOYO ha co-founded the very successful translation company LanguageWire in the year 2000. He scaled the company to a point where it had a 100 people in eight countries with a 26 million USD annual turnover. He left LanguageWire in 2012 where he had worked as an intrepreneur the last six years, constantly trying to innovate within the organization. Thor Angelo is an expert in turning an idea into an actual concept – whether that is a startup or something you can use to optimize your business.

Thor holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Strategy from Copenhagen Business School.

Thor Angelo was one of the speakers at the first PreSeed Academy event regarding going from idea to market. You can also read our blogpost about actionable advice and learnings from Thor.