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Søren Archii

Søren Munk Hansen

Søren Munk Hansen is co-founder and CEO of Archii, an AI document assistant that identifies and sort key documents.

Archii aims to eliminate time-consuming document searching by automatically sorting documents and extracting the information you’re looing for.

Søren has worked 7 years as M&A lawyer at Plesner, before heading down the entrepreneurial road. He has 6 years experience as a founder, including a position as co-founder and CEO at ChangeBoardMember, a legal tech hub that was sold in 2017, and now co-founder and CEO at Archii. With his experience, Søren knows both sides of the table regarding legal aspects of a company.

Søren holds a Master’s Degree in Law from University of Copenhagen.

Søren Hansen was one of the speakers, alongside Anne Cathrine Wilhjelm, at Startup Talk #8 regarding legal aspects of running a startup. In case you missed it, you can read our blogpost on the topic here and watch the talk here