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Peter Oxholm Zigler

Peter Michael Oxholm Zigler

Peter Michael Oxholm Zigler is co-founder and CMO at Autobutler, an online marketplace for offers on car services, as well as shareholder, investor and board member at Brickshare, Worksome, CompareSoft and MeArto.

In his own words, Peter challenges status quo and disrupts existing business models – and we agree. He seeks the opportunities the new connected world provides and the ways in which it’s impacting the way we live which also led him to found Autobutler that radically turned the automotive industry upside-down. On his journey with Autobutler, he spent tons of hours searching for that right type of funding because money is not a measure but a means in order to get the journey going. He’s now using this self-taught learnings as an investor and board member to accelerate other startups towards success.

Peter holds a Master’s degree in Business & Marketing from Copenhagen Business School.

Peter was one of the speakers at our Startup Talk #10 alongside Alexander Viterbo-Horten regarding early stage startup funding and how to get it. As a result of the talk, we have written a blogpost with actionable advice on the topic as well as recorded the whole deal for you to watch.