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Morten M

Morten Møgelmose

Morten Møgelmose is co-founder and CEO of Zliide, a startup aiming to bridge e-commerce with brick-and-mortar stores. 

Just after finishing high school, Morten and three of his high school friends founded Zliide. They’re introducing a hardware that replaces the classic anti-theft tag with a tag that can be unlocked by purchasing the item through your phone. Hereby you’re able to skip the line as a customer and retailers are able to spend more time with their customers. Meanwhile Zliide is generating data regarding consumer’s shopping behavior.

Morten holds an education at upper secondary level from Hjørring Gymnasium and has studied a year abroad at Colombian High School, Ohio.

Despite his young age, Morten was a speaker at our Startup Talk #7 alongside Heini Zachariassen, where he shared his insights on how Zliide are planning to attract users to their new app. You can read the result of the talk in the form of actionable advice here