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Mik Strøyberg

Mik Strøyberg

Mik Strøyberg is the Co-founder and CEO of the office management company Good Monday.

Mik and his co-founder at Good Monday have developed a service that can take care of all the headaches you may experience when running an office. Mik is no stranger to the life as an entrepreneur. He is the former founder of Sweetdeal and later he created Lemonsqueeze, a company that aimed to help Danish startups break through to the promised land of America. After selling Lemonsqueeze to Knotel inc. in 2017, he decided it was time for him to start all over as an entrepreneur. Good Monday is a relatively new project but it has already secured the fastest investment ever made by PreSeed Ventures.

Mik Strøyberg has a very specific way of handpicking his personnel where the ground identity of the company and natural talent is a cornerstone in the recruitment and building of a team.

Mik holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Copenhagen Business School.

Mik Strøyberg was one of the speakers at Startup Talk #4 regarding founders and teams in startups. You can also read our blogpost about actionable advice and learnings from Mik.