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Kiki Lund Schjølin

Kiki Lund Schjølin

Kiki Lund Schjølin is Senior Business Designer at DesignIt, a strategic design firm.

Kiki’s background shows that she’s always been all about branding, marketing, and business strategy. Her background comprises of roles such as Strategy Director/Head of Strategy at CO/Plus, Strategic Planner at DDB Copenhagen and now as Senior Business Designer at DesignIt. Throughout her professional career, Kiki has assisted and consulted lots and lots of companies with branding and strategy. Among them, she has helped several startups with strategic branding and design, including Grandhood, Boon, and Omnio.

Kiki holds a Master’s Degree in International Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business School.

Kiki was one of the speakers at our StartupTalk #15 on creating a compelling brand early stage alongside Peter Michael Oxholm Ziegler, founder of Boon, and Nicolaj Højer Nielsen, our trusted partner in crime at PreSeed Academy. In case you didn’t see the talk, you can watch it in full here.