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Jonas Bøgh Larsen

Jonas Bøgh Larsen is the CEO and Co-founder of Pento, a payroll and HR system for SMB’s.

He has previously founded the event and member management system Hivebeat. Hivebeat managed to become a part of the accelerator 500 startups in Silicon Valley. Following a tough time in the US, the team behind Hivebeat decided to close down the company. Just six months later, with the entrepreneurial spirits at an all-time high, Jonas and his team launched Pento.

Jonas Bøgh Larsen is a wizard when it comes to metrics and KPIs and he has developed a way for early-stage startups to keep track of the most significant metrics.

Jonas holds a bachelors degree in Marketing and Management Communication from Aarhus University.

Jonas Bøgh Larsen was one of the speakers at Startup Talk #3 regarding Metrics and KPIs for startups. You can also read our blogpost about actionable advice and learnings from Jonas.