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Jakob Ekkelund

Jakob Ekkelund is the CFO of Templafy, a company that can help solve document anarchy all over the world.

Jakob has, before his position at Templafy, held strategic positions at TDC and he is a former investment manager at PreSeed Ventures. During his time as an investment manager with PreSeed Ventures, he held board positions in successful startups such as Mofibo and Vivino amongst others. Jakob is an absolute expert on the topic of metrics and KPIs and has before his time at Templafy been helping several of his portfolio on how to work strategically with metrics.

Jakob holds a master’s degree in economics from Copenhagen Business School.

Jakob Ekkelund was one of the speakers at Startup Talk #3 regarding Metrics and KPIs for startups. You can also read our blogpost about actionable advice and learnings from Jakob.