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jacob de lichtenberg

Jacob de Lichtenberg

Jacob de Lichtenberg is the Vice President of Forecast, where he is a data-driven product leader with focus on online behavior and value creation. 

Jacob has 10 years of experience with leading innovation and the development of successful software (SaaS and internal) making him a true technical innovator. Before joining Forecast, Jacob managed teams at Trustpilot and Citrix and together with 10 years of experience developing succesful software, Jacob is undeniably a number one expert within his field. The opportunities technology has brought along in terms of the way we work and live is a major part of what drives his daily work towards innovative and valuable ideas.

Jacob holds a Bachelor in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Psychology & Business Administration.

Jacob was one of the speakers at our Startup Talk #11 alongside Dennis Kayser  from Forecast, Michael Green from Desupervised and Blackwood Seven and Anders Bach Waagstein regarding early stage startup funding and how to get it. In case you missed it, you can read our blogpost on the topic here as well as see the talk from him and his partner, Dennis Kayser, here.