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Heini Zachariassen

Heini Zachariassen is co-founder and board member of Vivino, the world’s biggest online wine community and marketplace.

Vivino is an app that allows users to rate and see reviews of wines with the aim of users “never drinking a bad wine again”. The app also functions as a marketplace, where wine retailers can sell and market their wines and users can purchase through the app.

With Vivino’s 29+ million users, Heini knows a thing or two about successfully creating an app and platform, and hereby how to incentivize and retent users.

Before founding Vivino, Heini has had a range of different positions, including CTO at Virus112 A/S, CEO at BullGuard Ltd, Chairman of the Board at Faroese Telecom, and Member of the Board at NORRIQ.

Heini holds a bachelor in Economics and Business Administration from HHC Business School Centre.

Heini was one of the speakers at our Startup Talk #7, alongside Morten Møgelmose, regarding how to attract users to your app or platform. As a result of the talk, we have written a blogpost with actionable advice on the topic