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Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer is Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer & Member of the Board of Directors at Coinify, a virtual currency platform allowing businesses and individuals to adopt financial innovation.

In 2013 Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer successfully merged early stage blockchain payment companies into Coinify and subsequently lead the acquisition strategy of others into what is today #3 in blockchain payments worldwide, where he today serves as Chief Operations Officer and Board Member. It is no coincidence that this highly disruptive idea should come from Hans Henrik as he was part of the team in IBM conducting the worlds first secure financial transactions and having previously served as Senior Vice President in Nets Group and Smart Payments. In this position, he was responsible for building future innovative payment solutions using disruptive technologies such as tokenization, blockchain, biometrics, AI and IoT.

Hans Henrik holds an MBA in Global e-Management from Copenhagen Business School.

Hans Henrik was one of the speakers at our Startup Talk #9 alongside Claus Møldrup regarding how to measure product/market fit in startups. In case you missed it, you can read the blogpost about the topic here and watch the talk here