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Dennis Kayser

Dennis Kayser is the co-founder and CEO of Forecast, a company that simplifies and automates resource and project management

The idea that eventually should become Forecast was created by four students at the University of Copenhagen during a project for a major Danish company. The students were asked to build a tool that could optimize the project management of 150+ projects with 100+ projects manager assigned. After working a few years following their graduation, the four students got together and decided to create a company based on the former project. Forecast was born and Dennis became the CEO of the company.

Dennis Kayser and Forecast have specialized themselves in selling with a B2B focus. In just nine months they have gone from selling in two countries to now sell in 32 countries.

Dennis holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen.

Dennis Kayser was one of the speakers at StartupTalk #5 regarding B2B sales and marketing for startups and at StartupTalk #11 alongside Jacob de Lichtenberg from Forecast, Michael Green for Desupervised and Anders Bach Waagstein regarding early stage startup funding and how to get it. In case you missed it, you can read our blogpost on the B2B-topic here as well as see the talk here and you can read the blogpost about AI here and watch it here