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cecilie willer

Cecilie Willer

Cecilie Willer is the founder of Today, a mental training and coaching company

Cecilie is a driven business psychologist, specialized in coaching and development within startups, innovation, leadership and organisational transformation. Cecilie knows how mentally hard it can be to start up new businesses or transform old businesses and is extremely passionate about how to help leaders and teams succeed and grow through mental resilience, self-awareness and focused leadership.

She is an experienced change leader and a corporate entrepreneur herself; here past includes leading major change programs and digital transformations both in Carlsberg, Danske Bank and MobileLife. Furthermore, Cecilie is deeply immersed in the start-up eco-system through her involvement in the European FinTech award, and as a mentor for startups in Cph FinTech & Accelerace.

Cecilie holds a MSc in Business Psychology and has +13 years experience as a change leader.