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Cathrine Andensen

Cathrine Andersen

Cathrine Andersen is the co-founder of CanvasDropr, which later changed the name to Assemblage and was acquired by Cisco in 2014.

Despite being a young individual, Cathrine Andersen has already accomplished more than many entrepreneurs could dream of. After starting CanvasDropr and changing its name to Assemblage, Cathrine and her partner managed to build a business that was so impressive, it eventually was acquired by the American company Cisco in 2014. Here Cathrine joined Cisco Emerge; the Emerging Products innovation group for Cisco’s Cloud Collaboration business. Cisco emerge creates products and experiments related to the future of organizations and work. After a few years at Cisco, she decided it was time to try the entrepreneurial life once more. In 2017, she founded, which is a software startup that wants to revolutionize the way consumers and small businesses pay their bills. Cathrine is an expert in product/market fit and knows exactly how to retain customers in a startup.

Cathrine holds a master’s degree in International Law, Economics and Management from the University of Copenhagen.


Cathrine Andersen was one of the speakers at Startup Talk #2 regarding Product/market fit. You can also read our blogpost about actionable advice and learnings from Cathrine.