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Anne Cathrine Wilhjelm

Anne Cahtrine Wilhjelm is the in-house attorney at PreSeed Ventures.  

Anne Cathrine has been with PreSeed Ventures since 2004. With so many years of loyal service in the company, it’s fair to say that Anne Cathrine has a fair share of seniority. As an attorney at both PreSeed Ventures and SEED Capital, Anne Cathrine is an expert on legal aspects in the startup world. Besides being responsible for all legal matters in PreSeed Ventures’ investment process, Anne Cathrine also offers legal assistance to all the portfolio companies.

  • Attorney at PreSeed Ventures
  • Partner and Attorney at SEED Capital
  • Member of the Board at OvaCure
  • Master’s Degree in Law from University of Copenhagen

Anne was one of the speakers, alongside Søren Munk Hansen, at Startup Talk #8 regarding legal aspects of running a startup. In case you missed it, you can read our blogpost on the topic here and watch the footage of it here