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Thor Angelo

Thor Angelo

Since summer 2015, I have been all in on OrderYOYO as CEO (and investor) – disrupting the take-away business. 85% of all orders to take-away restaurants comes from regular customers. So why pay food portals like Just-Eat, DeliverHero and Hungry >20% for these orders? When these orders come back to you because they like your take-away-food and not because Just-Eat found you (again).

Where I come from:
I co-founded LanguageWire back in 2000 and build up the translation company from an idea in PPT to 100 people, 8 countries, 26 million USD annual turnover. The key to success was to build up a very unique and efficient IT platform and a unique business concept around it. The last 6 years i was more an intrapreneur where I sold and build up modules and software to provide our clients with solutions that no one else could – creating a situation like Blue Ocean. I came up with ideas in close collaboration with our clients – and developed revolutionary products within LanguageWire such as: WeAllEdit, AGITO Translate, Translation Management System, Live Translation, Integrated Translation, and many more. Most of them had potential as Spin-offs. LanguageWire today has a very strong concept and a revolutionary IT platform. When i left LW in mid 2012 it was on the path of becoming among the top20 biggest translation companies in the world with a yearly organic growth of 30% last 3 years in a row.

Short about me:
I am good at taking an idea, a company or project within a company from nothing to success in the market. From idea, to product, to getting the first 5-100 clients on board. Once you get to there, you get the formula in place – and it is “just” about growth: hire people, new markets, etc.

Startup, Business Development. Digital Business Strategy. Building Concepts. Funding. Building teams, Software Development project management, Building businesses from ideas. Go-to-market.