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Nicolaj Højer Nielsen

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen is a serial entrepreneur and business angel who has been building startups since 1999.

He focuses on high potential start-ups, and has co-founded and invested in thirteen companies, primarily within IT. He has experience of securing funding from all possible sources – friends and family, business angels, VC funds, and public funds. His experience is based on reviewing thousands of different investment opportunities and he knows the fundraising process from both sides of the table.

His latest venture is Copenhagen United, an investment fund focusing on providing capital and mentoring for early-stage software companies. Nicolaj dedicates a significant part of his time to help other startups. He lectures on entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School, and also coaches and mentors entrepreneurs. Nicolaj also holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen is one of the minds behind PreSeed Academy and has been a key figure in deciding the structure and subjects for each of the academy’s events.