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Ken Villum Klausen

You probably came across my profile – searching for more info about Lunar Way

So let’s get to it.

We are a spaceship ready to launch equipped with the best team onboard. Our offices are stacked with people who want to rethink, tweak and question how things are done in the intersection between finance and tech – and who are ready to challenge the status quo In banking.
We are trying to build the new and improved banking experience from scratch – not rooted in tradition and old legacy. We want something new, transparent and easy – and we don’t mind if it looks sleek in the meantime.

So dear questioners, rule-breakers, straight-A students who skipped class, and the people who don’t mind drawing outside the lines with a permanent marker: We want you on our team.

Do you want to be a part of a company where the people are top shelf material when it comes to niceness, who all thrive on succeeding and who has an ambition that goes beyond 9 to 5?

Could you see yourself in a company like that – then you should definitely visit

And remember – Things change banks should too.