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Dennis Kayser

Dennis Kayser is the co-founder and CEO of Forecast, a company that simplifies and automates resource and project management

The idea that eventually should become Forecast was created by four students at the University of Copenhagen during a project for a major Danish company. The students were asked to build a tool that could optimize the project management of 150+ projects with 100+ projects manager assigned. After working a few years following their graduation, the four students got together and decided to create a company based on the former project. Forecast was born and Dennis became the CEO of the company.

Dennis Kayser and Forecast have specialized themselves in selling with a B2B focus. In just nine months they have gone from selling in two countries to now sell in 32 countries.

Dennis holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen.

Dennis Kayser will be one of the speakers at Startup Talk #5 regarding B2B sales and marketing for startups.